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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

by Brittany Bondy

Yesterday you reminded me
Of all the reasons i love you
Wait for you
Care for you
Try to show you
All that i have to give
I have no choice but to forgive
I've got to realize it's a gift
Not to be too serious
But there's no play about this shit
Except for when we are in a mix
And you are holding on to my hip
And everything gets stiff
And cheeks go pink like those lips
you love to kiss
When my hands are to weak to grip
But my body is clenched like a fist
When fucking is making love
And making love is fucking
You remind me of all the reasons
I crave your face all up in a place
Taking up all of my space
Mind birthing metaphors for the grind
Keeping up the pace
When my heart starts to race
And the D and I are joined
This shit is impractical
So ironic how much i need this
More than chronic
It's incomparable
That we be the two beings creating this
euphoric love affair is
just incredible